The PCCJ is a small secular Jewish community in Orange County which serves its members with High Holiday services, social activities, holiday celebrations, fun and food.

PCCJ has a membership of around 40 households, in 2018. PCCJ does not own any building, and is entirely volunteer-led. Its events, including High Holidays, are held at community centers and member’s houses. We strive to be an open and welcoming community for secular (non-religious) Jews.

PCCJ has historical roots from the 1970’s from a few groups. The Jewish Secular Association was formed in the 1970’s by a few liberal Jewish families living mostly in southern Los Angeles County. The JSA ran a Jewish Sunday school, called the Kindershule. Another group, The Pacific Congregation for Humanistic Judaism was formed in the early 1990’s, and ran a Jewish Sunday school, called the Jewish Culture School.

In the late 1990’s, the Jewish Secular Association and the Pacific Congregation merged. The resulting “Secular/Humanistic” organization ended up being called the Pacific Community of Cultural Jews (PCCJ). PCCJ ran a Jewish Sunday School until 2007. PCCJ is currently affiliated with the national movements SHJ and CSJO.

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